File Extensions

These are the internal file extensions used by the ZXodus][Engine.

.atr:   LZ77 compressed attribute map for 8x2 mode
.bmp:   LZ77 compressed bitmap for 8x2 mode.
.ctile: ColorTILE format tile set.
.dng:   LZ77 compressed dungeon map.
.enc:   LZ77 compressed encounter map.
.img:   LZ77 compressed 8x8 mode.
.map:   World map.
.fnt:   Font set.
.m:     LZ77 compressed P3X music file.
.raw:   Byte-order bitmap data.
.sfx:   Sound effects file.
.twn:   LZ77 compressed town map.
.txt:   Digraph compressed strings, terminated with a zero.

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