Character set

Completed the final Roman character set. Asked the UDIC Facebook group what the general feeling was about the use of runic script in the game. I assumed dragons could all read them without a crib sheet by now, but would they want to see them used not at all, sparingly, copiously? I didn’t bother with a poll as I’d wanted to hear why they feel the way they did about the runes. The result is that I will be using them, but sparingly.

World map complete


At long last, after much thought, I present the map. The challenge was coming up with something that was recognizably a transition form Sosaria to Britannia that would also actually work as a game map. My solution was almost entirely algorithmic, the main exception being adding a narrow channel to Britannia Bay to prevent it being an inland lake.

There’s a line in the U4 manual about landmasses rising and falling, so at the point of this map the main recognizable landmasses from U4 have risen but the old ones from U3 haven’t completely fallen. Or to put it another way: with a 128×128 map it would be a shame to give a quarter of it over to open water.

Who wants to be an NPC?

There’s something of an Ultima tradition of having NPCs based on real people, so I thought why not do the same. I can’t promise to use every submitted NPC but I will try and use as many as I can. All you need to do is to reply to this thread with the following information (example included):

NAME: Zedex
pronoun: He
LOOK: A dragon!
JOB: I debug the codex.
HEALTH: I am tired.
preferred location: Britain

Entries should be around the same length as those in Ultima IV. You can have any race/character class from Ultima III or IV. I can’t guarantee you’ll get your choice of town but I’ll do my best. The available towns are:
Britain, Cove, Bucanner’s Den, Fawn, Jhelom, Magincia, Minoc, Montor, Moon, Paws, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper and Yew.