Player professions finalized


Here are the path cards for the professions.


With 11 professions … we’re gonna need a bigger abacus.

Coming up with the dilemmas is going to be the hard part because this *isn’t* the time of the Avatar and you don’t have to be virtuous.

I’m assuming the full deck of cards has more than eight cards in it, or it wouldn’t be much use, so in this instance you get 11 options. The virtue system hasn’t been established yet so think of these as paths. Each is associated with a profession, and a settlement, but these are not the formal associations of the age of enlightenment.

These are the available paths: compassion, deceit, valor, pride, courage, illusion, magic, spirituality, honor, faith, and justice.

The following paths have settlements associated with them, but no associated playable profession: truth, love, beauty, sacrifice. If you’re wondering what happened to Honesty, remember they didn’t call it the Age of Darkness for nothing.

Beta dungeon tile set


Because of the engine, overlaying tiles is out, so there are no ladders. Instead you get proper stairs (like in Bloodwych). I had 17 tiles spare after creating the set so I’ve added some decoration. Hope you like the banner. The design was strongly influenced by the stone dungeons from Ultima 5, but I the limitations of the engine meant I had to design the tiles from scratch.