Which NPCs from the entire Ultima series would you like to see in U3.5:PB?

I’d just like to get an idea of who the favorites are. I reserve the right to pick whichever NPCs best serve the story. All of the companions from U4 will be included. Suggestions can include NPCs who are only referred to in in-game materials, for example Philpop the Weary. The only requirement is that they should be alive at the time during which the game is set.

The votes were as follows:

  • Iolo: 12
  • Dupre: 7
  • Shamino: 5
  • Jaana: 4
  • Time Lord: 4
  • Geoffrey: 3
  • Hawkwind: 2
  • Gwenno: 2
  • Erstam: 2
  • Vasel: 2
  • Julia: 1
  • Wanda: 1
  • Seggallian: 1
  • Mandrake: 1
  • Katrina: 1
  • Mariah: 1

Beta tile set


Here’s the U3.5 beta tileset. Quite similar to the EGA U4 set, but with some U3 (thief and cleric) and U5 (walls, floors, and doors) influences. One thing to remember is that the tiles have 8×1 attributes (only two colors per 8×1 pixel block). The target machine can’t do per-pixel color anyway, but on the plus side this format means the tiles only take up 16K of RAM.